We manage your Brand's online presence

At BrandedWebs, We monitor & manage your Brand’s online conversations. People are talking about your company of Social Media and other online forums. You need to listen and engage with your customers to build trust. We Improve your business exposure and reach online. This is one of most valuable service for any business who has online presence. 


Why should you monitor your Brand's online conversations?

A good business should be about customers, so the most important part of any business is “Listening to their customers”. Before a a decade, it was easy to get feedbacks from the customers. The digitalization changed the whole game of customer relations, now the customers could post the feedback anywhere online, So you need this valuable service to know everything about your brand. 

“Until you understand your customers, deeply and genuinely, you cannot truly serve them.”
— Rasheed Ogunlaru


Most frequent questions and answers

Connect and engage with the Customers: Business owners should listen to their customers. It may be appreciation or problem with regards to your business. Everyone loves the “Brand” which engages with them, It builds trust and reputation for the business.

Improve your Product: You will be able to improve your business (or) even build a new product by closely monitoring the customer’s conversation online and solve their pain points. 

Increase your Sales: You’ll be able to observe the people who are interested in your product/service. Now, you can engage with the interested ones and close your sales. 

Best Customer Support: If a customer is facing an issue with your product/service, you’ll be able to solve their problem quickly.

Any business which has online presence needs to monitor their online conversations. It is very essential for the following businesses:

  • Hotel
  • Restaurant/Cafe
  • Doctor/Dentist
  • Hair/Beauty Salon
  • Pub/Bar
  • Gym/Sports Club
  • Realtor
  • Shop owners and many more.